More Do-Dads

In our old school, we wrote plenty of paper’s.  I love writing, but those paper’s weren’t very fun, so I didn’t put my heart into it, so they are rather amusing.  I just wanted to share some with you.  This post was supposed to go in Writing, but I can’t figure out how to move. it.  I will fix it up later, and I am sorry the words are so big, too.  I don’t know how to change that.


On To Oregon  

It was 1854 and naughty Joey was running with his puppy, Tagg.   Polly, a nice, caring girl, called to her mamma,

“Want me to take baby Mary?” Mamma, a serious but kind woman shook her head.

“Everyone get in the wagon, we’re goin’ to Oregon to find some work!” Pa, a funny man, called. He was a carpenter.

John, a serious boy, loaded the last box into the wagon, then they climbed in. The wagon rattled away from California, headed to Oregon. They came to the Snake River and Pa didn’t have a raft. He had to lead the horses, Tim-Buck Too and Bartholomew. John herded the cow behind. Everyone was cramped and crying.  The wagon jerked and Mary fell out into the wild, churning river. Ma screamed and her wig fell off. The wagon also lost a wheel. Everyone got across safely except for Mary. They found Mary and buried her as it rained. Pa prayed while everyone cried.

“My hair is horrible.” Ma fussed later on.

“No it’s not, it looks better.” Pa grinned.

“I hope we get to Oregon all right.” John said.

“We will.” Pa answered as everyone climbed in the wagon. Then they drove off, on to Oregon.




They sure didn’t mourn for long, did they?   Here is another one I found from a while ago, quite amusing.  This one was suppose to be like a Pecos Bill story, only with your own character.



Phillip and the Great Sea Monster


The bay of Florida is beautiful, with tremendous waves crashing on the silver rocks. There are many great shark hunters there, but the mightiest and strongest of all, was Phillip the Great, who was extremely tall. There was no shark he couldn’t out swim. His spear was as mighty as the strongest spears ever. Not to mention, he was as strong as a steam engine.

Curiously, Phillip got tired of hunting sharks, which were great whites, they were all to slow. He was too fast. He wanted to hunt something that was powerfully challenging. He wanted a sea monster. Not any sea monster, the most grand and authoritative of them all.

So, he dived down into the ocean to find one, for he could hold his breath almost indefinitely. He swam, and he swam. Fortunately, he came upon a remarkably giant sea monster, which had gnashing teeth and a pumping tail. Brandishing his spear, he gave a chase. The sea monster swam swiftly away, but Phillip was too fast. He thrust his spear into its hide and held on tight. The sea monster plunged into the depths of the blue ocean. The monster carried Phillip under Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and finally, Michigan. Then, under Michigan, the monster threw Phillip with such impact that he went right through the ground and came up into the air. The monster did this five times, and those holes Phillip made filled with water and are now called the Great Lakes. Phillip was so strong that it didn’t hurt him one bit to fly through millions of feet of earth. Eventually, the monster tired and Phillip let him go.  He swam all the way back to Florida to tell everyone about his adventure. He had lots of enjoyment, but he knew a sea monster couldn’t replace the wildest of sharks. He knew he could stick with sharks and still have the time of his life.

Shayla D.


A Bit of Inspiration

Inspiration is good for you.  It gives you new ideas and plans.  Music can be inspiring, so can looking at pictures, reading, playing an instrument, going on walks, reading your bible.  Inspiration is everywhere.  My sister looked at a picture, and now she has started writing a book from it!  Here are some good books to read.

  • The Hobbit
  • Janette Oke Books
  • Brian Jacques Books
  • History Books
  • Orphan Train
  • Roman Mythology



My Blog


Hello, everyone!  My name is Shayla Danielle and I am a country girl, self-taught writer, and ocean lover!  This blog is about my everyday life, travels, and tips for young writers like me! My animals are many.

First, there is my darling Border Collie, Tagg, who is three years old.  I do lots of obedience with him at a wonderful dog training facility called The K-9 Clinic.  Thank you, Lance, for your patience!  As I was saying, I do obedience and agility with my young, high-strung pup.  My other animals are 4 Nigerian Dwarf goats, not including a young doe whom we are selling.  There is Minuet and Lupine, my mama doe’s.  Lucky is a weather whose life has been saved 3 times, (hence the name)  Then Barney, a ripe-smelling young buck, and finally, Glory, the daughter of Best Doe in Show Minuet.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any good pictures at the moment.  I will get some soon, though.

Another animal is horse named Charlee, and sometimes he really is a charlie horse, one of those bad cramps.  And Christmas, my beloved, beautiful, and extremely dangerous tuxedo cat.  I was 5 when I got her, and as you probably figured, I got her for Christmas.  We  call her Chrissy, and I recommend to stay away from her, especially if you have a child under 20.  I will have pictures soon, WordPress is not working right now.

I hope whoever is reading this enjoys it.  Read on!